Yamaska river needs your help!


For the last several years, the Yamaska River has been known as the most polluted tributary of the St. Lawrence River and the worst in all of Quebec, all caused by human activity. Brome Lake sits on top of the three arms of the river, known as Yamaska Centre.

The Foundation for the safeguarding of the ecosystems of the upper Yamaska territory (SÉTHY) has thrown an SOS  “bottle” into the river – so to speak – and is asking as many citizens as possible to make a simple and concrete gesture. Please sign the petition on-line at to try and convince the government of Quebec to take the extraordinary measures which are needed to meet this national emergency, which the advanced degradation of this river now represents.

The quality of the surface water of our lakes and water courses is certainly a good indicator of our efficiency to occupy and use the territory in a fashion which is sustainable. It is obvious that a great deal of improvement must be brought to bear immediately so that we leave a more healthy environment tomorrow, complete with functional ecosystems, for the benefit of everyone who follows us.  

Renaissance Brome Lake invites all its members and partners to take part in this initiative..