West-Bolton puts an end to its participation in the water quality monitoring program

Renaissance Brome Lake (RLB) regrets the decision of the West Bolton municipal council which was taken at its regular meeting of November 5th. to withdraw its financial support of the water quality monitoring program of the association. It should be remembered that this program benefits from the financial support of the other municipalities of the watershed (Town of Brome Lake, South Stukley and the municipality of the Township of Shefford) as well as OBV-Yamaska and the pacte rural of the Brome-Missisquoi MRC.

 For the last several years, Renaissance Brome Lake has coordinated this important program representing a concrete example of the concerted management watershed approach advocated by all stakeholders. Two components are part of this program: tributaries of the watershed and the lake itself. Several data are collected: the water transparency and temperature, pH,dissolved oxygen, phosphorus levels, nitrogen and in some cases suspended solids and faecal coliforms. All of this data is measured in the laboratory of the ministry of sustainable development, environment, wildlife and parks (MDDEFP) which guarantees the accuracy of all studies.

RLB, as a consequence, is able to account for a detailed and accurate evolution of the water quality in the watershed. This also permits to identify corrective measures where water quality is a problem such as improved ditches, retention basins, tree plantations near streams etc. in order to improve water quality.

 Carried out in conjunction with the experimented volunteers at RLB, these studies allow an important cost reduction. The monitoring takes place from spring to fall each year collecting more than 180 water samples on 23 sites both on the lake and within the various sections of the watershed tributaries. The results of the 2012 campaign will be announced shortly in 2013.