Water quality: an average year!

The clarity of the water was not as good in  2011, when compared with the historic average. This is due to the presence of suspended materials caused by the heavy rains of May and June. The average water clarity reading in 2011 was 2.3 metres, compared with 3.3 metres in recent years. Of special note is the severe degradation this past summer of Coldbrook, the second most important tributary.

On the other hand, there were neither major incidences of algae bloom nor public health warnings as was the case for other regional waterways (lac Waterloo, lac Bromont and Baie Missisquoi). Starting about August 15, the water started to turn green, meaning that there was cyanobacteria present.
It is therefore up to each of us to continue to adopt responsible practices when replanting shorelines, ensuring that our septic installations are in tune with regulations, avoiding the use of fertilizers and soaps with phosphates and, if boating, moving around the lake in a spirit of respect for the environment.