Water clarity index: a new information panel

Lake clarity in metres

Lake clarity in metres

It is increasingly important that citizens keep abreast of changes to the lake and how to interpret them.

A good indicator of the health of the lake is the measurement of the clarity of the water. To achieve this, RBL regularly monitors the transparency of the water, using the black and white Secchi disc. 

According to recognized scientific protocols, this measurement must take place in the deepest part of the lake (along the bottom trench), between 10:00 and 15:00.

Renaissance Brome Lake is pleased to announce that it is putting a new information panel on-line (see below) for the benefit of all citizens who would like to personally evaluate the risks of cyanobacteria, starting with the measured quality of the water in the lake. It is a recognized fact that when transparency is less than 2 metres due to water full of sedimentation and colonies of blue-green algae, this is an indicator of a coming ”bloom” and that citizens should be on alert. However, when a body of water such as Brome Lake indicates a clarity depth of 3.5 – 4 metres, the possibility of an algae bloom explosion is unlikely.

Renaissance Brome Lake had originally planned to make this information public on an outdoor panel (much like a Smoky-the-Bear forest fire alert) in front of its offices, the former Foster Station, at the junction of highways 243 and 215.

Unfortunately the town, the owner of the site in question, has shown its disapproval for this project saying that it would raise too many questions among the citizenry and that its personnel would not be in a position to answer questions from the general public. With regret therefore, RBL did not go forward with this public information project but remains convinced that public information remains the best awareness tool for the overall protection of our lake and surrounding environment.