The state of health of the lake during the 2012 season was acceptable

Our weather this past summer was exceptional, with mostly sunny days and very little rain. In  fact, we lacked water for considerable periods. 

 Throughout this season, the lake resisted well; we observed no intense periods of cyanobacteria. The clarity of the water returned to its usual level, about 3.0 metres, while last year we experienced an average season where the water was regularly charged with suspended particles, mainly due to the abundant rains of 2011. This past year, the temperature of the water was much higher than usual. The overall level of the lake was also much lower than usual, that is to say from 20 to 25 cm (8 to 10 inches), for most of the season. Starting as early as June 20, many citizens were forced to restrain their water consumption because of a significant shortage of drinking water.

 The responsible behaviour of lake users, both shoreline dwellers and pleasure boaters, lead us to believe that the lake can recover as long as everyone does his or her part in the process.  At present, the structural measures in place regarding roads, drainage ditches, management of run-off water and the protection of fragile areas (wetlands, shorelines and mountain summits) are still too timid. And that us why we must remain vigilant and continue to work together .