The quality of the water coming from the watershed area at the head of Coldbrook

The characterization and diagnostic mandate for the area at the head of Coldbrook was given to a group of scientists at RAPPEL (regroupement des associations pour la protection de l’environnement des lacs). This project, carried out in 2012, helped confirm that the roads network is the principal cause of the deterioration of the water quality in this sector and that corrective measures to improve the municipal infrastructures should be implemented. More than  41 sites were identified and concrete proposals were made to municipal authorities.

 RBL is convinced that this report constitutes a good source of information for those responsible for the Bolton-Ouest municipality who would like to apply the necessary remedial measures to improve the quality of the run-offs in their drainage and roads systems. For the full report, click the link ( in French, 10,5MO):

Caracterisation du ruisseau Coldbrook - secteur amont