Shoreline renaturalisation

There's a by-law in force which stipulates that there must be a shoreline vegetation band that buffers Brome Lake (10 metres if the slope of the property in question is 30 degrees or less and 15 metres if the slope is more than 30 degrees). In this space along the shoreline, it is also forbidden to mow grass, even in the fall. 

Many shoreline dwellers however do not want to see scrub brush crop up along their band and would prefer to plant some more interesting species of plants. 

To facilitate the renaturalisation of these shorelines, RBL has been offering an interesting variety of plants since 2008. These offerings normally take place at the beginning of June. Since this program began some 9000 plants have been distributed. They are all native species and come from a producer who specialises in the production of these varieties. They include:

  • Sweet gale
  • Large-leaved Meadow-sweet
  • Dogwood
  • Rose
  • Willow shrub
  • Potentilla

Starting in 2012, the MRC Brome-Missisquoi's regional nursery will be able to distribute a large variety of plants, adapted to shoreline buffer zones. This facility is located on the  Ville de Lac-Brome and town citizens will be able to acquire 5000 of the 20,000 plants produced annually. We will keep you posted about the unfolding of the 2012 planting program. 

La Fédération interdisciplinaire de l’horticulture ornementale du Québec (FIHOQ) makes available to the public two interesting tools to help you better renaturalise the shoreline: 
  1. A guide to help you select from among ferns, graminates, perennials, shrubs or trees; 
  2. A search tool where by specifying one or another of 11 criteria (rusticity zone,  exposure to sun, desired height of plant, soil type, soil humidity, etc.) the system suggest a choice of vegetation.

List of suggested vegetation for renaturalisation

Les arbres, RLB, 2008

Les graminées, RLB, 2008

Les arbustes et les plantes grimpantes, RLB, 2008

Les vivaces, RLB, 2008


By-laws and regulations

Règlement sur la naturalisation des rives à ville lac Brome, VLB, 2008

Bande riveraine règles tirées du règlement de zonage de ville lac brome et du règlement de contrôle intérimaire 09-1206 concernant la politique de protection des rives, du littoral et des plaines inondables, VLB, 2008



To learn more

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