Run-off management upgrade work in Bondville – Montagne sector


Renaissance Brome Lake, the property owners’ association located at 936-18, OBV Yamaska, Town of Brome Lake and G.A.L. Excavation have agreed to form a partnership to upgrade a piece of land alongside the lake. This land, which already serves as a boat slip area and a recreation spot for some 75 Bondville (Montagne) residents, has experienced episodes of erosion over the years.

Erosion control measures ranging from the installation of a suitable storm drain and culverts, sedimentation basins and deeply rooted Raygrass have been set in to a steep slope which will considerably lessen the transportation of sediment toward the lake.

RBL would like to make this site a showcase for other similar initiatives knowing full well that there are many other identical problem spots around the lake.

In the photo we see Daniel Anctil, president of the property owners’ association, Guillaume Lemieux, president of G.A.L. Inc., the superintendent of G.A.L., Michel Dupuis and Noël Roy, member of the property owners’ association.