RLB hosts a delegation of Guatemalan lake representatives

On November 7, RBL had the great pleasure of hosting a delegation of Guatemalans representing the principal stakeholders involved in a vast restoration project for Lake Atitlan. This lake is considered to be one of the ten most beautiful on the planet and represents a first-rate tourist destination for Gautemala. However, the lake faces serious cyanobacteria challenges and the Guatemalan government has taken extraordinary measures to solve the problem.

Representatives of the local and regional authorities involved asked to meet with RBL to discuss and share the experiences from our own watershed. RBL, in concert with Isabelle Valois inspector an counsellor Patrick Ouvrard, showed the visitors several installations which help manage run-off water and explained the range of joint efforts carried out with the community and the town in recent years. An article by Francine Bastien detailing the challenges faced by Lake Atitlan appeared earlier in 2012 in Tempo.