Public Meeting, a success

About 80 people turned up at the RBL AGM on satruday, april 29.

President Michel Delorme opened the meeting with a 20 minutes presentation that highlighted the association’s achievements in 2016 including a video showing what has been accomplished on Quilliams creek. This was followed by the usual financial report and the nomination of accountants for next year. The election of officers to the board for 2017-1019 was chaired by board member, Gary Richards – whose term expires in 2018- and the new slate includes Pierre Beaudoin (renewal) Diane Degré (renewal), Hélène Drouin (renewal), Francine Duclos (renewal), Denis Fournier, (renewal), Lucy Gagnon (new candidate and Nadia St-Laurent (new candidate for a single year as a replacement for Michel Arvisais who resigned his seat this year.

This year’s winner of the RBL Honourary Award was long-time resident and devoted citizen Peter Wade who paid tribute in modest fashion to everyone but himself, among others the late Marc Decelle, neighbour Yves Roy, Geoffrey Hudghson and Peter White and Tony Rotherham who were in attendance. Also in attendance was Claire Kerrigan who was last year’s first recipent on behalf of the Kerrigan-Fisher family. In citing Mr. Wade’s achievements, president Michel Delorme said that Peter Wade has been at the centre of every struggle to improve the quality of the lake since 1964, taking on such challenges as unbridled urbanisation, a string of condo projects, the entire drainage basin sewage challenges and the list goes on.  

The meeting also gave special recognition to former RBL president James Wilkins for his many years of service.

To fully inform the members in attendance about specifics,  special presentations were made by Pierre Beaudoin about the proposed Brome Lake Nature Park concept, an analysis was discussed about how the lake is doing, covering everything from water quality to water clarity to water temperature and seasonal levels.

Perhaps the highlight of the meeting was the discussion of the new program to accompany those whose shoreline areas are deficient in terms of proper vegetation. Very few owners have signed on to the offer of help and advice to participate in the program which costs them very little. One irate and long time resident of Bondville even opined that he was not ready to be told what to do.

The meeting ended with a series of motions from the floor.