Promising projects for 2015!

AGA_2015_SalleDespite the first truly glorious day of the new season, some 70 citizens – most of them members of Renaissance Brome lake –  turned out on Saturday morning, May, 2, both to attend the annual general meeting of the association and to hear various reports about the lake.

The achievements for the year 2014 were reported on and the projects planned for 2015 presented. Among the latter is the work planned on the Quilliams stream flood plain, the tributary that carries 48% of the entire water flow that enters the lake, the lake aquatic plants project, notably the invasive variety and the diagnostic project that will study the Inverness stream.  

 On this same occasion, elections were held and the following board members were elected by the general assembly for two year terms (2015-2017)  :

  •  Pierre Beaudoin
  •  Diane Degré
  •  Hélène Drouin
  •  Francine Duclos
  •  Denis Fournier
  •  Élizabeth Posada

Renaissance Brome Lake is managed by a board of directors of 12 persons, all of whom are very involved in the preservation of our environment. 

 As the assembly drew to a close, the mayor of Brome Lake, Mr. Richard Burcome, reaffirmed the commitment of the town to continue to work for a healthy lake and its tributaries and added that this mission should be a priority for the entire community.