Please do not put your leaves in the lake!

Fall is upon us and with the warm weather we have been experiencing, most shoreline dwellers are no doubt busy preparing their flower beds for the winter months and raking leaves.

Unfortunately, many residents, whether due to a lack of information or simple carelessness, continue to get rid of their raked leaves, garden plant wastes and even potting soils by dumping everything into the lake. This contributes to an increased level of phosphorous in the lake, something it can do without. We should never throw anything into the lake nor even leave piles of organic material near the lake or another body of water.

Please do not put leaves or any other type of vegetation in the lake. The health of the lake is fragile and these activities compromise our work. Instead, take advantage of the town’s annual pick-up of leaves or visit the Ecocentre with your garden waste materials.  Better still, recycle your leaves in a compost bin or pile well away from the lake, and you will receive the benefit of free compost to condition your garden next year.

Thank you on behalf of the lake and all those who pay attention to this issue.