Pierre Beaudoin’s leaving!

After having devoted a good deal of my volunteer time for over a decade to the cause of the water quality of Brome Lake and its tributaries, my family and I are leaving the region. This means that I will be resigning my function as secretary of the board of Renaissance Brome Lake (RBL), effective July 31, 2018.

I would like to sincerely thank all the citizens who believe in the importance of the lake and its ecosystems and who are part of this large collective effort to restore Brome Lake which, we must admit, was in deplorable condition when it was closed in 2006.

I would also like to thank my volunteer colleagues who sit on the board with me and who have all rendered precious services during the last 12 years. These are dedicated people, always available and all aware of the acute need to improve the quality of our local environment. I would especially like to pay tribute to the exceptional contribution of such committed citizens as Peter Wade, James Wilkins and Michel Delorme.

Thank you to the entire community for your confidence over the last 12 years. Renaissance Brome Lake is certainly a solid organization, very representative of the region, scientifically credible and capable of carrying out important research and restorative projects for the lake and the entire watershed itself. There is no doubt that its overall health is heading in the right direction and the future bodes well for both the present and future generations.

Thank you and ‘’au revoir’’.

Pierre Beaudoin, Secretary of Renaissance Brome Lake, 2006-2018.