Another Happening in the Colibris File!

The Town of Brome Lake council recently met to reconsider the Colibris
pier file and accordingly modified the mandate of the town's lawyer. In December of 2011, the members of the council agreed that the municipal bylaw be respected, that is to say that the pier cannot exceed 30 metres in length, measured from the shoreline. It is therefore no longer necessary to request the court to clarify the situation and rights of each person. As a result, at the regular town council meeting of January 9, 2012, the town instructed its lawyer to contact the citizen concerned and urge him to respect the pertinent bylaw, irregardless of the permits that have been already issued. This is good news for what has been a most troublesome file. To be followed!

For those following this saga, remember that at the regular council meeting held Tuesday, September 6, 2011 a resolution was unanimously adopted by our elected town government,  requesting that the court “state the law”, that is to say, “tell it like it is” and eliminate the clouds surrounding the quais de Colibris dock situation. This procedure is what is called “requête en jugement déclaratoire" where a superior court judge is presented with a situation which presents  a real difficulty, hears the parties out, and renders a judgement about the existence or not of certain rights or obligations.