New residential development in Foster

An important residential development project was recently announced for the former Golf Lac-Brome site at the corner of routes 243 and 215. According to the plans, the site will have some 51 new residences, two commercial lots, two sedimentation basins and two small parks. There will be no basic infrastructure services such as water and sewage.

Strategically located at the entrance to Ville de Lac-Brome and the historic site known as Gable Corner, this area might therefore experience profound changes. Before authorizing the different steps needed to conduct this important project, it is critical for our elected officials and territory managers to ensure that the interests of the entire community have been considered. RBL has raised concerns about several issues: 

  • -the environmental impacts on water quality (water table, waste water);
  • -the needs of the village of Foster and Lakeside north in terms of waste water;
  • -the exemptions to zoning bylaws (shorelines, setbacks, roads);
  • -the use of the fiscal clawback arising from the end of operations of the golf course;
  • -conservation of the adjacent wetland;
  • -planning for the whole territory;
  • -an ecological charter for future purchasers;
  • -access to the lake.

The Town and the promoter will present the project and take questions from the population at a public meeting to be held at the Centre Ovide-Dagenais, 25 Taylor in Foster, on December 9, 2017, at 11:00 am.

This not-to-be-missed meeting will be of interest to anyone concerned about development of this sector.