Education tool about water quality

Renaissance Brome Lake published in 2013 a comprehensive teaching guide to create awareness among school children, of the importance of becoming involved in protecting the aquatic ecosystems on our territory. Entitled Eau delà de l’eau in French (Water, water everywhere ) this guide was made possible by the support of Ville de Lac-Brome and the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. It is especially meant for the teachers and students in the 3rd grade at St-Édouard and Knowlton Academy in Ville de Lac-Brome.

 Water, water everywhere  paints an overall picture of the environmental problems we face and encourages the students to enter the fascinating universe of the lakes and water courses which are found throughout our territory and elsewhere. This teaching guide is a well-documented education tool which offers many original activities to initiate our local youngsters into environmental issues. It has been inspired by some of the pedagogical approaches taken by the Université du Québec à Montréal as part of its « Éducation relative à l’environnement (ERE) » program.

 Several themes are covered: discovering Brome Lake, wetlands, a complete look at a watershed, widespread sources of pollution, the importance of shoreline buffer zones and the responsibility of each individual for improving the quality of our environment. For each theme, a variety of activities are suggested to allow exchanges to take place between the students and promote well-rounded learning about both the challenges and possible solutions. 

Renaissance Brome Lake is convinced that a teaching guide such as Water, water everywhere will be an important way for our youth to become more aware of the importance of developing new lifestyle habits, which are more respectful of the environment and stimulate their interest and involvement in the future.

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Education tool an overview

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