Do not throw or rake any leaves into the lake!!!

Feuilles balayées dans le lac

The Fall season is now upon us and with it, a frequent scattering of blown leaves. RBL has been informed that several unthinking residents, mainly in the Bondville sector, are simply raking them all into the lake.  

This kind of behaviour is both illogical and irresponsible, since it silts up the area of the shoreline affected and leads to an accumulation of organic materials, entrenchment of aquatic plants and, next summer, more unpleasant bathing conditions. Finally, these clumps of leaves bring in more phosphorous, a situation that cyanobacteria thrive on. And of course, we have been trying to avoid this situation from worsening for the last several summers.  

This situation is even more illogical when we think of all the better options for disposing of leaves: shredding them with a final romp with the lawnmower, insulating our flower beds with clumps of wet leaves, composting them with other garden and table wastes and, finally, even placing them in biodegradable bags which the town will pick up as part of its two roadside collection services designed for that purpose.

So please, do NOT put any fallen leaves into the lake. This is almost a question of basic sense and civic duty combined !