Blue Green Algaes are back!

Starting July 31, everyone began noticing that the lake was turning a shade of green, an evident (and very disagreeable) sign that that the quality of water is degrading. In more technical terms, we are talking about a category 2a situation which corresponds with there being a significant presence of cyanobacteria without any scum gathered on the surface (in this case, we would be talking about category 2b situation, which means the likelihood of a public health notice being issued if concentrations of toxins exceeding the norms were to be detected by the MDDEP, Quebec’s ministry of sustainable development, the environment and parks). The transparency of the water has greatly decreased and colonies (flakes) of cyanos are present in the water column; powdery trails are visible on the surface.

Citizens are asked to be careful and to alert RBL of the presence of any scum that might manifest itself (sending us a photo would be even better). Although swimming is still possible, you should avoid swallowing any water, leave the zones with scum and ideally have a shower after swimming.

The most frequent symptoms of these kinds of conditions are irritations to the skin and possible a possible bout with “gastro” or stomach flu. RBL will keep you posted as matters unfold.