Shoreline Renaturalization Program of RBL and Town of Brome Lake!


🔑 Turn-key program for Brome Lake Residents! 🙌 Conceived and designed especially for you and your Brome Lake! 👍 Simple and effective!

The program includes the evaluation of your situation, the identification of your needs, the proposal of solutions, the preparation of a planting plan of indigenous species and the actual planting itself.

Contact us right now for more details:

📞 (450) 242 -2784 ✉ Program

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Summer 2019 comes to an end for our lake, with conditions much like those seen in recent years. Cyanobacteria or blue-green algae blooms have appeared on the surface and they are moved around according to the winds. It is always disappointing to see this progression of blue-green throughout the summer, mainly caused by the intake of phosphorous. But let’s get back to the summer of 2019.

Spring proved cold and rainy. The …Read More >>>



It’s done! You have a shoreline adapted to your needs and those of your lake. We planted your plants as a result of the landscaping plan you have approved. All but one of the stages have been successfully completed, last, but not least: Long-term maintenance.

To this end, here is the online version of the Shoreline Maintenance Guide that we distributed to you during your plantation. It will …Read More >>>



Stukely-Sud, March 27, 2019 – South Stukely Conservation Association (ACNSS) today welcomes the creation of two natural reserves on its dominant lands in the Quilliams creek watershed. The Lake Brousseau and Kingfisher reserves are ideally located in the village, on both sides of road 112, and are on both sides of the origins of Quilliams creek. ACNSS was founded in 2004 …Read More >>>

Radio Canada Report on Rusty Crayfish

A team from the Radio Canada show La semaine verte travelled to Brome Lake in September 2018 to shoot a story about an invasive species, the rusty crayfish. RLB would like to inform its members that the report will be broadcast on Radio Canada’s network this Saturday, January 26 at 5:00 pm.  

2018 Draws to a Close

In a few days it will be 2019.   The lake has been frozen since the third week of November, earlier than usual, and 2018 was a year filled with significant changes for Renaissance Lac Brome.  In April we were fortunate to be able to hire a permanent employee, Anaïs Renaud, through collaboration with the OBV-Yamaska, (Yamaska Watershed Organization).  Having a regular employee who is a biologist has been of great help in pursuing activities through …Read More >>>

Lake conditions 29 October 2018

November is once again upon us, with the usual rainy and cold weather. Most of the blazing fall colours are now on the ground but, unfortunately, the cyanobacteria blooms have not taken a holiday. RBL received reports from some residents about the presence of cyanobacteria on October 29. This is exceptional for this time of year. Throughout most of October the lake maintained a somewhat ‘’greenish’’ colour, despite the drop in water temperature. This is …Read More >>>

Not-so-good news: the lake has somewhat changed colour.

Beginning last Friday, September 14, we began to observe the deterioration of the colour in the lake. The Renaissance Brome Lake team (RBL) immediately set out determine the clarity of the water in the deepest part of the lake with its Secchi monitoring disk. This part of the lake is known as the ‘’fosse’’, or pit (the deepest part of the lake). The results showed a clarity level of 1.8 metres in depth, which means …Read More >>>

Pierre Beaudoin’s leaving!

After having devoted a good deal of my volunteer time for over a decade to the cause of the water quality of Brome Lake and its tributaries, my family and I are leaving the region. This means that I will be resigning my function as secretary of the board of Renaissance Brome Lake (RBL), effective July 31, 2018.

I would like to sincerely thank all the citizens who believe in the importance of the lake …Read More >>>

Awards: Marc. E. Decelles and Edward A. Whitcher

At its annual general meeting (AGM) on May 12, 2018, Renaissance Lac Brome presented Marc E. Decelles with his prestigious Hommage Award (awarded posthumously).

Renaissance Brome Lake as well as several other associations in our region could not have been better served over the years than they have been by someone as dedicated and determined as Marc Decelles. For over forty years, he has been a living example of the volunteer stewardship our lake and …Read More >>>