Radio Canada Report on Rusty Crayfish

A team from the Radio Canada show La semaine verte travelled to Brome Lake in September 2018 to shoot a story about an invasive species, the rusty crayfish. RLB would like to inform its members that the report will be broadcast on Radio Canada’s network this Saturday, January 26 at 5:00 pm.  

Lake conditions 29 October 2018

November is once again upon us, with the usual rainy and cold weather. Most of the blazing fall colours are now on the ground but, unfortunately, the cyanobacteria blooms have not taken a holiday. RBL received reports from some residents about the presence of cyanobacteria on October 29. This is exceptional for this time of year. Throughout most of October the lake maintained a somewhat ‘’greenish’’ colour, despite the drop in water temperature. This is …Read More >>>