Aquatic plants: your opinion please!


For all intents and purposes the 2014 season is now over. Without taking into account the significant algae bloom of August 24, 2014, we can safely say that the season was a relatively good one. Bravo! Thanks to increased awareness and the responsible actions of everyone, the lake cannot be other than in fairly good health. 

Renaissance Brome Lake is already planning its 2015 season and would like to have your opinion about a little known subject: aquatic plants. They are abundant around the lake and most citizens are generally unaware of their role, positive or negative.

 We would appreciate it if you would complete the short survey which is found on the Home page (right side) and in the way help us prepare some activities that best respond to your needs.  And of course, your comments are always welcome.

 Thank you for your continuing support of the mission of RBL which is to contribute to the best water quality possible for Brome Lake and its tributaries.