A new coloured map of Brome Lake complete with a guide for the responsible watercraft user

Renaissance Brome Lake has just published its new bathymetric map showing the various depths of the lake, based on the most recent data from Quebec’s environment ministry. It is a fine piece of work with rich colours, and on water resistant paper. No doubt, those who use the lake will find its information contents most useful.

On the back side of the card there are several useful tips aimed at boaters of various descriptions who are conscious of the need to protect the environment, especially with respect to the “no wake” zone (within 150 metres of the shore and a depth of 3 metres).

RBL members can obtain a copy of this attractive document by going to the tourist information outlet (the former Foster train station, corner of highways 243 and 215) and presenting their membership card. Those who are not members will be asked to pay a modest charge of $2.