A new buoy at the entrance of the Pearson waterway


Ville de Lac-Brome has just installed a new buoy at the entrance to Pearson brook. The purpose of this new wrinkle is to remind pleasure boaters that motorboats must not exceed a speed of 5 km/hr along the entire length of that part of the stream that is navigable. Ideally, however there should be no boat movement along this waterway because of its shallow depth and heavy sediment content, two valid reasons to not stir up the bottom.

 It is also important to remember that Pearson brook and its aquatic plants are an important habitat for several species of fish including the Bridle Shiner, a species that is attracting great attention as a threatened star of Brome Lake because of its endangered status across Quebec.

 All boaters are asked to respect this situation and, if possible, even avoid this sector including Elizabeth Bay where invasive plants have been noted, including the Eurasian Watermilfoil. Turning motors have the effect of  multiplying the numbers of these plants. 

 Across the entire expanse of the lake there are some 30 buoys in place and all boating enthusiasts are asked to respect the speed limits indicated within them. With responsible behaviour the rule of the day, all boat lovers help contribute to the safety of swimmers and kayakers alike, without causing undue shoreline erosion in the process.