A busy 2020 year for Renaissance lac Brome

2020 was a busy year for Renaissance lac Brome. With twelve projects underway, Renaissance lac Brome (RLB) was very active in 2020. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we were able to launch our long-awaited boat cleaning project to fight the spread of invasive aquatic species in Brome lake. Between June 19 and October 12, 888 boats were washed free of charge before being launched.  This project was made possible thanks to grants from the City of Lac-Brome and the governments of Canada and Québec. The Québec government made a significant contribution providing $ 35,768 to the project as part of their Regional Support for Water Issues Program.

RLB created a watercraft cleaning station that is practical, educational and a first in Québec. Attractive and interactive, the station is a great tool to educate and raise awareness. The Domaine des Érables campsite graciously allowed RLB to set up the cleaning station in front of the camp ground. To operate the station, RLB hired two students with federal financial support under the Summer Jobs Canada Program.

In 2020, RLB continued its efforts to persuade the Québec Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks to make a concrete commitment to control the expansion of the invasive Rusty Crayfish.

The Bridle shiner is one of Québec’s vulnerable fish species. To help preserve this fish in Brome lake, RLB obtained financial assistance of $ 6,544 from the Fondation de la Faune du Québec. This financial support allowed RLB to create a conservation plan for the Bridle shiner in Brome lake and to begin to take action, like identifying sensitive ecological zones that would benefit from restricted navigation

This year, as part of the Revitalized Vegetation on the Shoreline program, RLB planted close to 530 plants from among 15 native species on 16 private shorelines. Some of the sites required extensive work to remove unwelcome invasive plants. Two biologists are completing a review of the shorelines of about 50 properties that did not comply with municipal regulations in 2016. The goal is to establish the current state of these shorelines.

With funding received in 2014, RLB  planted 540 shrubs on Pine, Ellson and Conference streets. The plantings completed work to control the runoff along these streets that was started under a Green Municipal Fund program.

Through the winter of 2019-2020, Quilliams stream suffered erosion from ice and runoff to its banks along the Foster floodplain which had been stabilized in 2015-2016. This November, with the work coordinated by Gestrie-sol, RLB invested $ 15,000 to re-stabilize the banks and minimize further erosion.




Due to COVID-19, for the first time in its history, RLB was unable to hold the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with members attending in person. On October 24, RLB held a virtual AGM with 34 members participating. With Ms. Hélène Drouin as President, RLB’s board of directors has been renewed with three new directors joining.

RLB completed many other projects in 2020. Please join us to learn about them during the President’s Address at our next AGM that will take place this coming spring.


Until then, the Renaissance Lac Brome team wishes you a joyous holiday season and a happy 2021.






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