The Watershed

The watershed is the portion of the territory delineated by the highest lines, including the waters which feed a common mouth : water courses, lake, sea, ocean, etc. Each watershed is subdivided into a number of elementary basins (sometimes called sub watersheds) corresponding to the surface feeding of the tributaries which flow into the principal body of water.

The Brome Lake watershed covers a surface area of 186.7 km2. Increasingly, the public authorities recognize that water policies must be managed according to the characteristics of each drainage basin. This is what we call management by drainage basin. 

Water which runs in a drainage basin makes up the administrative limits of that basin. In this way the Brome Lake drainage basin encompasses 8 municipalities, in whole or in part. These include the municipalities of :

  • Bolton-Ouest (43%)
  • Lac-Brome (31%)
  • Stukely-Sud (18%)

and to a lesser degree the municipalities of:

  • St-Étienne de Bolton (5%)
  • Canton de Shefford (2%)
  • Bolton-Est (,5%)
  • Waterloo (,07%)

These municipalities are attached to two MRCs, Brome Missisquoi and Memphremagog.

The Brome Lake watershed includes 8 principal tributaries and some 30 smaller streams which flow directly into the lake. The watershed is 72.7% forest covered. Agriculture makes up 15.7% of the territory. There are about 3375 housing units in the watershed and a population of around 6000 persons. Except for about 2000 housing units in Brome Lake, all residences have private septic installations. 

Aerial map of Brome Lake