The Organization

RLB_CA_2015Renaissance Brome Lake (RBL)  is an organization made up of citizens who are devoted  to restoring and protecting the lake and its watershed. A not-for-profit organization constituted by virtue of part III of the Quebec Companies Act, RBL has been in existence since February 2001 and its board of directors is made up of 12 members. All the players in the drainage basin collaborate to give the lake and its tributaries a quality of water  in which users can enjoy all their favourite activities without worrying about their health.

Photo: from left to right: Natalie Duzanec, James Wilkins, Diane Degré, Pierre Beaudoin, Francine Duclos, Michel Delorme, Elizabeth Posada, Denis Fournier, Richard Proulx. Absents: Hélène Drouin, Pierre Fortier, Gary Richards.


  • Scientific committee to supervise studies and monitoring efforts about the lake and its tributaries.
  • Finance committee.
  • Committee for the renaturalisation of the shorelines.
  • Committee for cartography and knowledge of the overall territory.
  • Committee to ensure sound communications.


RBL contributes to ensuring the best quality of water possible for Brome Lake and its tributaries. RBL creates awareness among the general citizenry, the municipality and the government about the urgency of making immediate and concrete gestures to halt the contamination of Brome Lake and encourages each person to do his or her utmost to help the water become clear, proper and without danger to the health of its users. 

Would you like to do your part?

If you are interested in getting involved in one or more of our programs please don’t hesitate to let us know. We need all the help we can get. In addition we invite you to become a member of RBL to help the organisation improve the quality of the water in Brome Lake and the entire watershed.