The guide to good practices, a new way of living!

Whether you have lived in the region for the last several years or you have just acquired a property, there is one common point we all share : the beauty of our countrysides and the quality of our environment. We all want to preserve this tiny corner of paradise in a pristine state.

Water is an important part of our environment: whether stream, river or lake, water is everywhere. However Brome lake is in a state of advanced and accelerated ageing and its situation is quite precarious. It is essential that the entire community mobilise to help ensure the best quality of water possible. The survival of our way of life depends on us working together, for ourselves, our children and for future generations. 

Living in the country is not like living in the city. New habits must be adopted. It is indispensable to employ good environmental practices which are compatible with the  nature that surrounds us, not only along the shoreline but throughout the drainage basin.

We are pleased to offer you this practical guide to help you live in harmony with nature. Keep it close at hand and use it when you are thinking of carrying out some project or other on your property.