Responsible Boating


Navigation on water bodies falls under federal jurisdiction. How is it that elected officials from municipal and regional governments as well as the authorities from the  MDDEP (Quebec’s ministry of sustainable development, environment and parks) are always hurling themselves against the wall of obtuse federal policies in matters of fresh water navigation issues on bodies of water which have no inter-provincial connections. At the MRC Memphrémagog, at lac St-Adolphe-d’Howard, at lac Bowker, at Brome Lake, to name but a few, citizens are living situations of lack of respect for the environment and the health of lakes and this brings on a good deal of frustrations and a let-down in enthusiasm. We should repatriate to Quebec the federal jurisdiction  for water bodies that are not connected to the interprovincial network.As early as 2007, RBL established beyond a doubt the effects of the passage of the motor boat in stirring up sediments when the water depth is less than 3 metres. Since that time we have been encouraging municipal authorities to demand that pleasure boat operators circulate at the posted speed in a protected zone (150 metres from the shoreline) and in 3-metre depth water.

RBL is promoting 3 things:

  • no-wake zone in the 150 m zone
  • minimum of 3 m depth for motorboat circulation
  • 300 m zone from the shoreline for wake boats.

Lac_brome_zone 300m1


RBL favours an approach with pleasure boaters which informs them and creates an awareness among them about the importance of  adopting responsible habits when they are on the water. The voluntary adoption of an environmental code of conduct is also a possible solution to the current situation. RBL strongly suggests to the municipal committee  for nautical safety that it show some leadership in this area.

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