In order to better understand the territory and increase its scientific knowledge about Brome Lake and its watershed, RBL has done considerable mapping. 

The following map shows the Brome Lake watershed, its tributaries and the surrounding roads.

Watershed map

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Brome Lake map: Bathymetry and littoral

The following map shows the bathymetry of the lake and the littoral. It illustrates the depth of the 9 sub drainage basins surrounding Brome Lake as well as the different components of the littoral.


Download the map Bathymetry and littoral

Map showing the location of the safety buoys and depths

RBL encourages responsible boating practices, and for the organization, this signifies a respect for the environment and slowing down when approaching the shoreline or boating over shallow waters. To accomplish this, RBL encourages you to respect a speed limit of 10 km/hr. In reduced speed zones (150 metres from the shoreline and 3 metres in depth).

Download the safety buoy map


Interactive town street map. Because it is always useful!