Lake conditions 29 October 2018

November is once again upon us, with the usual rainy and cold weather. Most of the blazing fall colours are now on the ground but, unfortunately, the cyanobacteria blooms have not taken a holiday.
RBL received reports from some residents about the presence of cyanobacteria on October 29. This is exceptional for this time of year. Throughout most of October the lake maintained a somewhat ‘’greenish’’ colour, despite the drop in water temperature.
This is the first time since 2006 that the lake has experienced a cyanobacteria crisis this late in the season. It is possible that our extremely hot summer contributed to this situation. It is also possible that the water column remained charged with cyanobacteria and that everything rose to the surface of the lake during the normal fall upswelling situations.
Given lower temperatures in the fall and the general cooling trend of the lake, it is highly unlikely that there would be an explosion of new blooms. This phenomenon lasted for a few days. Everything leads us to believe that the cyanobacteria has now drifted toward the Yamaska River. Currently there are none visible on the lake.
All of this tells us that our efforts are far from over. To the contrary, we must get to work to diminish the flow of phosphorous and sediments into the lake. It is a colossal challenge, one that requires a collective effort from all of us. RBL is counting on your support in this matter if the lake is to remain a jewel for all of us.