History of Lake Conditions

The principal observations for the last 5 years (2006 to 2010)


Localized algae blooms (South and North of lake, i.e. Bondville and Lakeside sectors) on June 21 and 22 which disperse (breaks apart) the following day.  August 1 shows a category 2a blooms in several sectors, including Douglass beach forcing a 24-hour closing. The bloom breaks apart the same day. A new category 2a bloom appears in the north sector and breaks down the same day but there is a murky water column. Generalized water flowers (green) are seen on September 3-4-5 which disappear September 7. The water flower returns on September 7.


There is no warning made or restrictions issued for the period mid May to mid August despite some localized cyanobacteria blooms in July and August.  There are generalized water flowers noticed covering the entire lake from mid August onward.  The lake was closed on September 25 and reopened on October 19, with the results in terms of toxicity for the first time superior to norms allowed for both drinking and swimming.


No warnings or use restrictions issued for the period May to mid September. Localized blooms are seen at the end of June and the beginning of August. Toxicity levels are below norms. 


 2 warnings issued as well as a notice of closing of public beaches between July 30 and August 17. Toxicity levels remained below norms.


The lake is the subject of a public health warning  (subsequently closed) on August 17, 2006 and this restriction remained in force until the end of the season. The ministry has since modified its procedures since that time. The toxin level was virtually non existent.


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La transparence de l’eau : les données historiques des lectures Secchi des années précédentes