Fragile ecological zones

The physical environment of the Ville de Lac-Brome territory, like those of the surrounding municipalities, features valleys, rolling hills, picturesque quaint sites, open fields and forested areas. The nature of the rocky soil  (such as the foliated metamorphic rock in Sutton) creates a situation in which water streams and then accumulates very little in the underground reservoirs.

This situation contributes to a large number of fragile or sensitive ecological zones in the territory, such as:

  • Water courses (there are 8 major water courses in the Brome Lake watershed and a multitude of smaller bodies of water many of which have never been inventoried, 1 major water course in the lac Bromont watershed and 3 major bodies in the lac d'Avignon watershed);
  • Wetlands, including bogs;
  • Wetlands with special characteristics identified as  “hot spots” by the biologists at ACA (Appalachian Corridor).

RBL estimates  that these particularly fragile zones cover a surface of some 23.6km², representing about 11.5% of territory 19. The strategic environmental importance of these zones justifies appropriate protection measures and public policy application.

There is a swath of land with a minimum width of 300 metres starting at the high water level around the lake – and which drains directly into it – which constitutes a new zone to be protected with special enforcement measures. This zone corresponds with an emerging definition known as “river corridor” as defined by MAMROT  (the French acronym for the ministry of municipal affairs, regions and territories) and represents 10.0 km² excluding the surface of the lake, and drains directly into it. 

All of these wetlands and bodies of water, inventoried or not, should be integrated into a conservation zone including their shorelines and flood plains. The wetlands have become a priority issue with the biologists at ACA as they study their full extent while assessing and characterizing them (phases 1-2-3-4); in the case of the non-inventoried wetlands, the situation to be confirmed should always take precedent.