Ecological Lawn Care


“My grass is greener than yours!”

“Yes, but my lake is in better health than yours!”


Here are a few tips to sustainably maintain your lawn


1− Choose the right lawn mower
If you have a relatively small lot (500 m² or less), why not use a hand mower? The 2-cycle thermal motor should be replaced as quickly as possible. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, lawn mowers are the cause of more than 5%  of urban atmospheric pollution.

2− Don't cut your grass too short
A height of from 5 to 8 cm is ideal for plants to grow with a strong root system which will see them through extended periods of drought and the health of the ensuing grass prevents any adventitious spring-ups from taking place.

3− Keep your lawn mower blade sharp
As soon as white appear the day following a cut, it is time to sharpen your blade.

4− Water deeply
Watering deeply means watering thoroughly (2.5cm of water) but not more than once a week. Not watering at all is another solution even though your lawn may turn yellow during the summer. But when the rains return it will turn green quickly. Only water when your footprints remain visible for more than a second or two or when the grass starts to turn yellow. 

5− Maintain a slightly acidic PH level (between 6 and 7)
Strong rains and the presence of shade have a tendency to favour acidity.

6− Regularly enrich your lawn
The ideal remedy is to spread “ripe” household compost. This enriches the soil, reduces the presence of lime, provides food for worms and increases the microbial activity in the soil. 

7− Modify your aesthetic demands
The aesthetic doctrine of a lawn that is very green, very cut, very thick and very fine,  without weeds, and as uniform as possible should now be prohibited. Fortunately some doctrines are meant to be put aside and we should have a deep sense of satisfaction in doing so. White clover with its tiny round green tainted insect-attracting flowers is a good example of an ideal soil cover if we decide to get out of the ordinary. The absurd competitions between that sometimes takes place between neighbours  should also be rethought a bit.


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