Cyanobacteria, a water flower

When cyanobacteria reproduces in large quantities, we witness a substantial bloom of water flowers. This flower bloom corresponds with a substantial cyanobacteria density that is enough to be visible to the naked eye. 
Quebec's ministry of sustainable development, the environment and parks (MDDEP) has come up with a characterization system for cyanobacteria. They consider that category 1 is a column of water loaded with numerous green or blue-green particles without the global transparency of the water being too much affected. 
There is a 2a category in which we can observe medium to high density where particles are distributed in the water column. Here we could say that the water resembles a broccoli soup, green paint and that it contains aggregates of flaky filaments or threads. In this situation, water transparency has been greatly reduced. 
Finally, we have a 2b category when there is scum on the water surface, which confirms that the density of the cyanobacteria is very elevated. This slimy substance can look like  a paint spill, present itself in the form of a condensed green streak or a surface film, usually near the shore line.

The Identifier


Source : Protocole de suivi visuel d’une fleur d’eau d’algues bleu-vert, Protocole élaboré dans le cadre du Réseau de surveillance volontaire des lacs (RSVL), Juillet 2008, édition 2 : mai  2009


Illustration of different catergories


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