Becoming a member: why

As of December, 2013, more than 680 members (400 families) had signed up as members of RBL, all displaying a show of support for the lake.

You also can add your voice to this concerned chorus and play your part in helping us carry out our mission.

The advantages of being a member

  • Participate in the restoration of the lake and its tributaries (action plans)
  • Receive regular water quality tracking reports and the sound ecological practices to follow
  • Increase the efficiency of the action plans by regular dealings with elected officials
  • Receive helpful tips on how to renaturalise the shoreline
  • Ensure the replanting of the shoreline and the tributaries
  • Influence those who decide the action priorities
  • Obtain discounts at the annual shrub sale
  • Volunteer involvement in major local events (Tour du lac Brome cycling event)

Together, for our lake and water courses

Brome Lake and its watershed need you

Without your precious help, RBL could not be the active and energetic organization it currently is. For only $25, you can make a true difference. We need your support. 

An important network of partners has now been assembled, as much with the organizations which support the neighbouring watersheds as with the concerned ministries. Renaissance has clearly and vigorously made the point of view of concerned citizens known, opinions that show a growing preoccupation with the restrictions on lake use following the algae blooms which take place in July and August of each year. 

To continue to progress and succeed, the entire community must engage itself in a vast collective project to restore and protect our lake and water bodies. Please step up and be in the first row of this community-wide challenge by joining RBL. Obtain first hand information. All support whether financial, moral or otherwise is appreciated because we have several projects on the front burner which are still waiting for adequate financial support. Please contact bus if you would like.